first day reflections for SERT:OSI, a new chapter

by Tesni Ellis

Hi team,

I’m feeling both energized and as I said, out of breath after our first day together. I think that’s a good sign but it is also a reminder that we will all be practicing patience and balancing varied energy levels together this term. I’m hopeful that what we covered today will help us do that. Here are some of those commitments we agreed to as a team:

  • Communication is key!
  • We will ensure we have clear deadlines/timelines and be accountable for our various responsibilities.
  • We will check in with each other to ensure we all comprehend our to-dos, our needs, and our expectations.
  • We will practice understanding and expressing our own boundaries, limits, needs, and contexts as related to our work and goals – clearly, respectfully, and compassionately.
  • And we’ll have fun doing this!

Thank you for thoughtfully responding to all my questions and prompts today. I really do hope that we find a rhythm that works for us all when it comes to balancing engaging on Zoom and in other ways. Please know I am always open to adjusting and making room for us to do our best work in new ways that suit our purposes and circumstances. As always, reach out to me if you need to talk through the workload or anything else.

I’m excited to work with you all and embark on this Boat-1-meets-Boat-2 adventure. SERT is a project and experience dear to my heart and this next iteration is traversing new depths already. I know we are going to do some meaningful work and uncover insights that will impact the Ryerson community. And you’re the right team to do it with.

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